Has this game suddenly become more toxic?

Within the last week are some trends I've noticed more and more in public lobbies:

-People named Trump2020 getting kicked for no reason other than "ew I don't like your name."

-People who obviously know each other teaming up to troll or unashamedly cover for each other, even if one of them is the Imposter.

-People being kicked if they complain about the host's settings.

-People yelling "start" in the lobby only to quit the second they get crewmate (I know this isn't new but it seems to be getting worse).

-Entire games emptying the second one or two others leave.

-People begging to know if someone in the lobby is a girl.

-People begging everyone to add them on snapchat.

-Vitriolic behavior towards other players when they vote each other out or kill each other.

Maybe I've just not observed a lot of this before but I feel like this has gotten worse and worse.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jlq4if/has_this_game_suddenly_become_more_toxic/

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