Hatchet run denial scavs. (+great algorithms)

Does a "hatchet" run mean that you are without gear, or does it mean you are not wearing a rig and a backback. I just got hunted to dome with a fully kitted M1A from black soldier within under 1 minute of the beginning of the raid. This shit is getting fucking ridiculous and im starting to lose intrest after these new "improvemets". I´ve never been a guy to run hatchet runs, so doing them just before wont be a fucking reason. This is getting to a point of random bullying depending on if you have space to loot. Does the algorithms or what ever the fuck its called in english (algorytmi in finnish) just randomly pick the person with the least loot space and hunt him to shit??????

I´m losing my shit(mental wellbeing) because of this shit.

This is not the first time i´ve noticed this problem.

Having a highend gun does not fix it. But be sure you wear a microrig to be antihatchet.

A fucking joke. Sincerely +2000h player

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l2zlis/hatchet_run_denial_scavs_great_algorithms/

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