Have the bosses been adjusted to extreme Terminator levels of difficulty or something recently?

Killa and Shturman, twice each now, lazer-beamed me before I even got my gun up.

Killa had his back to me, "heard" my gun come up and just zapped me during the turn animation.

Shturman, whilst I was taking aim at his head, turned, lay down and during the lie-down animation fired twice at me and downed me from the other side of the yard basically.

I feel like I can't react quick enough to these guys at all and they see you no matter where you go.

Second time Killa killed me, I baited him in to the room with all the filing cabinets. He ran around the corner, I shot him twice with an M1A and M80 rounds while leaning around a cabinet thing and I heard the skid sound and then bang, I'm dead. Didn't even see his gun raise.

This is proving to be impossible. Their reaction times and aim is basically aimbot.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/irjj9n/have_the_bosses_been_adjusted_to_extreme/

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