Have you guys considered that falling player counts are the normal ebb and flow of player numbers following a wipe and not just the cause of dynamic loot?

Guys it's been months since the wipe. It's completely normal for things to die this long in to a wipe cycle because tarkov doesn't have any replayability.

By this time of a wipe many players have either hit their objectives, gotten bored or the new content for the wipe (lol) or have slowly moved on to other games. Remember that as the wipe goes on the PVP gameplay changes too as people unlock more and more items, have more money, and are more willing to risk gear

Bros I've hit level 40 twice this wipe lmfao it's been extremely late wipe for many weeks now lmfao

Seeing so many posts about how dynamic loot is quite possibly smothering this game makes it look like you guys forgot that this is normally the time things die down. Why is this comparison being made so much?

What I am not saying is that dynamic loot does not or will not affect player numbers.

What I am saying is that you cannot accurately gage that at this time since this is normally the point of a wipe where players numbers drop off. It's been happening this way for years, so you should absolutely not be surprised it's happening now too.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pwp0uo/have_you_guys_considered_that_falling_player/

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