Haveing fun with gankers

Tldr: what are some considerations if I want to pve and pvp in the same ship or ways to thumb my nose at gankers as I run?

I am relatively new and have been haveing fun with the community event and have been running into gankers. Which is fine I've learned that running is the best option if I don't want to lose bounties. My question is are there build considerations if I want to stand and fight or just troll a ganker? I fly a Cheiften right now. my current plan is to go full hull tank and low emissions with a heat sink to harass a ganker then stealth and frameshift away when they inevitably wittle me down (I know hull tanking isn't a strategy I will win with).

So thoughts? What's the most fun you can have while being ganked/ are their builds that work vs gankers while also being good with bounty hunting?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/thwzys/haveing_fun_with_gankers/

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