Haven’t played in a few years and I’m a bit lost on where the meta is at. Any guidance?

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Back when I played, it was almost exclusively 3-1-1 with one of the supports roaming a fair bit or rotating for ganks. I've noticed so many of my games are now 2-1-2. Is this the current meta? Why is that? The roaming support seemed pretty beneficial.

Who are the current heroes that are standing above in each role and what makes them so dominant compared to others?

My first game back, I picked a roaming bh (lmao), got flamed super hard and we lost pretty bad with most of my team not understanding my logic. It was the thing last time I played and was awesome for getting rich and denying farm while giving vision everywhere.

Definitely not the case in the game I played.

Any tips or insights on what I should be playing (I've played for a very long time and am fairly competent on all heroes). Or what each "phase" of the game usually entails?

I generally play mid or position 1, I also offlaned solo a hell of a lot as it was my favorite position (I was usually pushed to mid as it is my strongest role).

That being said, I'm open to all roles as I do enjoy them all.

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