Having a bad day.

So… I have 180K in the bank. Decided to chad on shoreline to finish my quests and hopefully survive.

First run, after about 7 seconds in, I can see people running on my right. I look to spot them again and can't so I just keep going to resort. Out of nowhere, I get shot from them and die. It was a duo.

Second run, at a different spawn, I hear running (again) a few seconds in. Some mosin man and a pistoling. Since there is no cover near me but trees for the mosin man, I get screwed and die.

Third run, I FINALLY get next to resort. I hear some shots really close and look outside. What? Nothing is there. Then I notice across the building side there is a body there. I wait for a bit then walk over there. I know he's hiding in the corner. Suddenly, I get shot from him even though he is behind the wall and then die.

Fourth run, server has the most amount of desync I've ever seen. I go to resort and luckily get my stuff done without any issues. I then go to extract thinking that even though I didn't get to loot (forgot backpack) I still got my quests done. Near the Villa, I hear someone. I have an mp7 and since they're close I think it'll be fine. I sneak around because I saw Sanitars body and knew the guy is good. After a while, I hear wood steps, I know where he is. I go and shoot him like 10 times in the helmet (holy god those airframes almost saved him; damnit FMJ SX) but luckily kill him. He is JUICED AF. I then organize my stuff and get ready to take off but then hear 2x foot steps outside. Oh god, a third party. I peak out with my shiny new .308 MDR and hit one guy in the stomach once. I shoot him again and again but don't hear more grunting. "OH SHIT" I remembered. "The servers are shit!" I quickly turn back inside only to have my health almost completely deteriorate behind the wall and then peak one enemy from the side. I shoot him in the head 3x but, as you expected, servers be shit. I die.

Anyone else had a day like this?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i5id38/having_a_bad_day/

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