Having heroes with unique quirks like monkey’s attack range is good actually

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It's good that heroes have unique things about them, like monkey's attack range

People are taking pride in dota having unique heroes, and everyone being "op", but then complain about heroes having unique cool things

And yeah, i know, these might be differrent people but still these posts are getting upvoted, presumably, by the same regulars.

People love to bring up how dota heroes sound super op compared to… other games in the genre (and i agree with these people, dota is awesome) and yet there are always complaints about heroes having unique things, like MK range, CM global aura etc (yes, it was a popular complaint at one point).

Ever since Wukong was added people were asking to give him the standart melee attack range. And thankfully valve and icefrog never did that, because if we balance things that way we will have one hundred something heroes all cleanly "balanced" and homogenous with 2.5 stat gains on every stat.

People would always say "why does this hero get to do this when no other hero can". But that's the fun part of dota

One of the reasons dota is beautiful is that it has a lot of weird and different stuff, invoker has consistently been one of the most popular heroes in the game and he is weird and irregular in pretty much every way. You don't have to balance the game by just removing those quirks. People complained when complex heroes like IO and KOTL got dumbed down and rightfully so, and i too would complain if they removed, for example, Monkey bonus range.

Sometimes yes, some heroes are too weird for the game's health like tinker or brood and it may justify some changes, but some bonus attack range isn't it. He also need it for his ult to be any good, try using it in ability draft on any other melee hero

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/puoebj/having_heroes_with_unique_quirks_like_monkeys/

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