Having the end game map being uplayable in this game really kills EFT for me

Something that I never understood in this game is why it should be ok to have 1 map litteraly gone to cheaters, and just leave it like that forever. BSG never communicated on this, and when you ask the community they say "just don't go in labs 4heads" so then what ?

There is fucking nothing else to do in this game for people who have some experience, got their Kappa and made lot of money. Labs is a perfectly designed map for end-game pvp, it offers the opportuniy for players who excessive amount of money to spend it in fight each others instead of stacking it endlessly, get bored and quit mid wipe.

Instead we are forced to bully low level players trying to get some shitty tasks done, not because it's funny in any type of way, but because that's the only form of PVP that you can get in this game.

Also if you really think that leaving labs like that is the long-term solution you are probably very short minded: the entrance of labs is going to be inside streets of tarkov at some point, meaning cheaters will queue for streets and speedhack their way to labs one tapping everything in their way on boh maps. Yup that's the plan, sounds amazing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i7wnv2/having_the_end_game_map_being_uplayable_in_this/

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