Hearth & Home – Let Downs – Constructive Review

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So I was really disappointed with this new update. That doesn't mean that others feel the same, but let me explain a little further as to why. Maybe we can meet half way and understand each other what went wrong for certain players. The new update was clear that it will focus on base building so that is what I expected. Now I'm not saying everything I expected would be added, but at least some would make sense. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we got stuff that really made no sense for this update instead.

What I expected

  • Better building physics, one that actually is realistic rather than relying on a height limit that's based on the material you use.
  • Better base building mechanics, such pressing a button to build under a block your aiming at.
  • Improved ladders which we don't struggle to get up, maybe even vertical ones.
  • More agriculture.
  • More fish.
  • More storage containers, not chests.
  • Triangular and rectangular building pieces.
  • Improved wooden fence or a new type of wooden fence.
  • Wooden fence gate.

What I didn't expect and received

  • New combat mechanics.
  • Re-balance of food, which didn't make it more difficult, but more tedious and did not improve base building whatsoever.
  • Moved pig farming back until we receive copper so we can make a butcher knife, unless we use the PvP feature which was never explain in any way to us.
  • Base raids have been not more difficult, but more tedious, with more mobs spawning.

I just felt like it could of been much more and a better focus on the type of update we were getting. I don't think anything really changed except combat and food balance. Beyond that, just felt like a lot of fillers. And maybe it's just me, but gold piles and the hot tub, kinda feels like the developers subliminally laughing at us for how much they made and gave us nothing back in return. Those items didn't really add anything of significance to the game.

Edit: Clearly people wont read it, but maybe the fact people got stuff they never expected is not the problem with the customer, but the developer for failing to elaborate what we will get. That is an example of a poor roadmap. I'm also not here to take down the devleopers, I'm trying to bring clarity. At this point it's enabled fans vs critics. You're all creating a terrible environment because you're refusing to listen to anyone outside of your clique.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pty9i1/hearth_home_let_downs_constructive_review/

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