Hello! I am very happy because I have reached Pro rank <3 Thanks for great moments community!!!

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Hello! I am very happy because I have reached Pro rank, I know in this game it is not as difficult to achieve it as in others, but I am very happy and wanted to share it with you.

I started the first week of November, I had already played Gwent for a long time, but I have not played for 2 years, and the maximum I reached in 2019 was rank 4.

I did it with 130 wins / 65 losses / 3 draws.

I started playing with Nifgard, then with NR, and since rank 15 I have been playing with a Syndicate control deck which is a faction that I really like.

In rank 3 and 2 I had enormous problems to advance, since whenever I played against Scoiatell it was guaranteed defeat, however Nifgard and Monsters were quite easy encounters for me and I was lucky to find them in rank 1.

Thanks to all my rivals, I have enjoyed some very exciting games, and I have not seen many Alumni decks.

Greetings community !!!!!

My deck that I have evolved throughout this journey. Before rank 2 i was using The brut , but i changed to The scoundrel in rank 2.



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