Help a returning player spend half a billion credits

So I just transferred from PS4 to PC. Haven't played since a few months after the big mining update that added LTDs and all that. So it's been a couple of years.

Right now I just have a DBX for exploration on my new account, but I've got just under 600m cr and no idea what to do with it.

On PS4 my main ship was a Krait (can't remember which) that I used for mining mostly. Had a Vulture too.

But now, Idk what pays well anymore or what builds I should be chasing.

Ideally i'd like to mostly mine and explore, with some combat here and there. I've never done cargo or passengers but would love to try.

I'd love some suggestions on what ships to build out. I don't mind buying multiple, but my goal is to grind cr to save for a Big 3.



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