Help making Keltullis deck?

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Hi guys, I LOVE Keltullis and wanted to make a deck around it.

I played on PS4 2 years ago up to the close, and had a fantastic Keltullis deck. Loved it.

However now that I’m starting again I’ve noticed that Keltullis has been buffed a bit (yay +3!) but oh my god all the support stuff is gone. The Wild Hunt mage can’t spawn a little him. You can’t revive him with the gold revive. All the resilience buff stuff is gone to keep him in longer. Carapace gives veil instead of shield now (which… might be a buff?) and a few other things I’ve noticed I can’t run as well. Like coincidentally at 9 points so Geralt can bbq it.

So, is a deck based around him feasible still? I used to be able to get a Keltullis in once per round or be able to keep it in play but now it seems significantly harder to do so.

I love making decks based around a really strong monster (like Glusty or Viy (double parenthesis this thing is insane) or Unseen Elder) and Keltullis used to be my favorite monster to build around.

Any tips for longevity? Are there cards I’m over looking that can respawn him or make a copy or keep him in over a round? I remember most of the deck (spells, high point stuff, stuff that self boosts, deathwish fodder, defense troll, etc.) but I just need help knowing if it’s even possible to keep it alive over more than one round.


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