Help me fine tune my Viper mk3

First, I want to clarify that I am not new to this game. I have every ship, every engineer, and a fleet carrier.

I'm building a Viper Mk3 for combat (my existing one is a racer), and I've got my build mostly worked out, but I need some advice fine tuning the engineering of the build, mainly the weapons.

I built this ship with the intention of using it for PvE, mainly as a wing escort vessel. The goal is to get close, do damage, then high-tail it out of there before I get got. To that end, I have made sure to maintain a boost speed ≥600 m/s. I know i don't have much armor, but the shields are fast charging and nobody can catch me when I boost.

I have two medium railguns and two small fixed pulse lasers. The rails are G5 SRB (short range) super-penetrators. The pulse lasers are currently G5 efficient, but I have been considering using focused so my damage falloff range is exactly the same as my rails. I'm not worried about armor penetration on the pulse lasers, since the rails already have plenty.

Take a look at my build and let me know what you think.

High Speed Fixed Fighter:


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