Help me get back into Gwent!

witcher gwent cards

Hello everyone, I played a lot of Gwent in the pre-homecoming days. Once the game went out of beta I completely lost the spark, like many others I suppose. I saw that the Gwent world masters takes place this weekend and it reignited my will to play the game I loved so much.

During the 3 years since I last played things have changed a ton : lots of new cards, mechanics, ui elements and I feel like no card is like I remember it. Because of that I'm completely overwhelmed and don't know what approach to take when it comes to basically relearning the game from the ground up.

What are your suggestions? Have you had a similar experience? How did you adapt to all the homecoming changes?

Edit : I have 180k scraps left from beta so I have no restriction when it comes to deckbuilding

TL;DR : haven't played gwent in 3 years. What is your advice to get back into the game.


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