Help me understand this game

Premise: long time CS:GO, Dayz, PUBG player, among others less competitive shooters (like Battlefield series).

TL;DR: I want to play a shooter. Is this game fun for me?

So, I picked up the game like 2 years ago, played for a bit and forgetting about it. Picked up again last week, and I'm still trying to figuring out what's the point of this game. I mean: the vast majority of time you play to avoid other players, moving like a snails, looting items you will sales 80% of times.

Is that a shooter? Someone would say "is a FPS survival" or something like that, but the game do everything to remove the shooting from himself, awarding camping and other non-direct FPS actions.

I've escaped the vast majority of my raids, racking very few kills cause ppl just flee when actual gunfire begins. I find more enjoynable playing as Scav at least ppl mistakes me for a bot and finally engage, giving me something to shoot (no matter if I win or not, at least is a real gunfight with two ppl trying to best each other without camping a door).

I played with some friends more addicted to the game too: even worst, they just run for the map checking certains points, and fighiting only if someone directly cross us.

I'm not talking about the plethora of small stuff, like the pay-to-not-mad inventory, the omongous weapons system which is barely touched til end game (and after that, you just stick with the same 2/3 weapons and mods), all the worthless stuff like eating and drinking (I'm a Dayz player, I know what EfT is trying to achieve, but food here is just "did you remember to take food? no? screw you, no actual way to find something to eat, even exposing yourself"), etc. etc.

I'm just talking: what this game is about? Maybe isn't just for me, but I'm trying to understand it before ditching it again.

Bonus question: game has potential, devs has speaked about community server for the release? Would be dope to play with some core system disabled.


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