Help needed for gaining wealth

Okay listen this is my second wipe, I have 1400 hours, lvl 40 a few weeks ago (college student so I don’t play as often as I’d like to). I am good at PVP, not great but definitely can hold my own solo and wipe squads when I have the gear to do so.

I am TERRIBLE at gaining wealth in Tarkov, my stash is never above 2m roubles. I run good gear that I lose about half the time. Do I hoard good gear until I have enough that I don’t run out? I have BTC lvl 1 with 10 cards and am familiar with crafting. I just impulsively always want to run good gear so I am perpetually broke in order to gain enough money for the next high end run. But I’ve never earned millions at a time on my own even when I try to make money. I play a lot of Customs but I know interchange and reserve well. Any thoughts are welcome.

Edit: Yes I have scoured ways to make money, I do my research. I’m still shit at it and I believe it has to do with my play style.


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