Help Rewards

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Where find directions of which choices to pick? For Rewards book thing

Is there a map in-game of which rewards to pick?

Currently using one of the decks but may change it. I play a game once a month or longer

Should 'scraps' and cocaine 'powder' be saved until we know wtf we're going with them

Have over 10 packs, dont know what to do with them cos dont know what cards to pick

This game is way too complicated for me. Been trying to figure out this game for over a year and still really confused. But I'll keep trying

Is this about prestige anywhere inside the game btw?

I was super confused about prestige before, but it doesn't seen like its something we need to know right now so keeping it for the future

Edit: Things we've learned so far

  • Get some blue things on some trees, they're at the bottom somewhere
  • then the first page?
  • Oh there's talking about the left icone on the left side, i mean right side of screen


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