Help With Bootleg Mission

So I've been trying to unlock a certain engineer. One of his requirements is to sell on 5 different black markets. I've randomly found stolen or illicit materials in space and have sold on 3 different black markets. The last dock had a bootleg mission–recover 2 units of liquor in the Gebel system. Sounded simple enough. So i go to Gebel but no mission points light up. So I scanned the nav beacon and got 5 mission data sites but none highlighted in blue. So I figure–well I guess I have to go to each until I find the liquor. So I go to each and nothing mission related was there. At this point all the mission data sites are gone. So I go back to the Nav beacon and scan it again–and I get 5 more possible sites. Rinse and repeat–nothing mission related. I've spent 4 hours trying to find the stupid liquor,lol. Does anyone have and suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong. I tried using the D-scanner as well but that didn't help.


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