Helping a friend unlock engineers.

A mate of mine started playing the game, but he's in the military and has limited time to play. I've helped him get near a billion credits by sharing wing missions, but he's still not unlocked any engineers but Farseer.

I'm looking for a way to help my mate unlock engineers to make him as effective as can be, as quickly as can be. I know how to help with materials, but actually unlocking the engineers is a different story.

I have a fleet carrier of my own, so I simply started jumping to systems that sell the rare commodities needed. My plan is to stash a hoarde of these rares aboard my carrier so that I may share them with him when he needs them. Any other advice? I myself have unlocked and G5'd every single engineer, but I took my time and we need to do this as quickly as humanly possible. Any ideas?

Helping a mate with unlocking engineers and I need advice on how to use my resources (carrier with its storage and jump range, billions in cash, and 25 ships) to help him unlock the engineers as fast as possible.


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