Hemdall vs Eist

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Wanted to lead off with saying that I don't hate Eist, and don't want him nerfed into the ground or anything.

I mainly wanted to know why Hemdall cost 1 more provision than Eist when Eist's ceiling is like double Hemdall's. Like I get you need BoG to reach that ceiling and Eist isn't amazing outside of certain decks, but it still feels odd.

I really wanted to play Hemdall, but I just can't see any scenario where BoG w/ Eist isn't the superior choice. Obviously they have very different functions, but still. Hemdall and Harald being in the same prov area makes sense sort of, but neither of them feel as good as Eist.

Additionally, comparing 12's to 12's, I don't see why you would ever take Hem over Harald. You could take both, but I feel like with Hemdall's cost, it's just not worth it.

Do y'all think maybe Hemdall should be dropped 1 prov or do you think this is more of an Eist/Harald power issue?

I know every card doesn't have to be great and there has to be a most effective card in each prov rank, but the both 12's for SK other than Hemdall feel way more powerful than him, making him feel useless.

Don't even get me started on how Gerd basically stole Hemdall's function for nearly half the cost. lol

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