Here’s my constructive feedback about the change to semi-auto firing.

I don't necessarily have a problem with not being able to shoot as fast as we used to. I know for a fact that I can click a mouse much faster than I can actually pull a trigger IRL. That's fine.

What isn't fine is just how inconsistent it is when you're under pressure and clicking as fast as you can so that you can win the fight. There's an explanation for why this happens and it's explained in the first minute or two of the video below but bear in mind that it's a fighting game channel. I understand that there's probably not a lot of overlap in this community but the principle is what applies here:

In fighting games, you can't have an input buffer because it would cause you to do things you didn't actually intend to do unless your inputs are clean and this can outright end a match. This never feels good.

Here's the solution to the problem if you really think macros were that big of a deal: add an input buffer to shooting. Clicking 10-15 times a second should result in the maximum fire rate possible that you deem is right, BSG. Even if this results in one extra shot being fired at the end that the player may not have intended, it'd be worth it for the sake of consistency.

Right now as it stands you either need to intentionally shoot slower than you otherwise should be able to so that you can have a consistent fire rate without gaps OR, and here's the fucked part, USE A MACRO so that you can be in perfect sync with the cap…

Yes the change that was intended to nerf macro users, the 10 of them out there, has indirectly buffed macro users. Please add an input buffer or revert the change if it isn't possible for whatever reason.


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