Hey guys. I’m a top 200 player that wants to help people get better at the game

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Hey ya'll my name is Jinn, I'm a top 200 7.9k coach. This is something I've been doin for a little over half a year on and its been a lot of fun.

Some of you guys might know me for the ET carry antics that I went through in top 100 pubs last year.

Still a memer at heart, still fucking around 99% of the time.

I wanted to reach out to r/dota2 letting you guys know that I'm opening up 21 slots for free coaching sessions for the month of April (and end of March). Signups are gonna be on my discord server so stop by, hang out and let's get a sesh going :D. All the free sessions are going to be on my Wednesday and Saturday streams from 3-8pm PDT and 9-2pm PDT respectively.

Format goes as follows:


3pm/9am to 4pm/10am: Scheduled sesh (this is the one you can sign up for!)
4pm/10am to 5pm/11am: Scheduled sesh
5pm/11am to 6pm/12am: Scheduled sesh
6pm/12pm to 7pm/1pm: Giveaway from previous stream (this is to give people a chance even if you are a little late to the party)
7pm/1pm to whenever: Community replays (Write down your replay id in twitch chat and I'll quickly review it for 5-15 minutes)

How do I apply:

  • Join the discord below.
  • Read the rules placed at the top of the signup channels (wednesday signups or saturday signups)
  • Watch the stream tomorrow to know when I am opening up the channels.
  • Apply using the format DIRECTLY on the channel sign up page. (This is so there are no arguments over who was first. Whoever's comment is on top, gets the slot.)
  • First come first serve.

To be eligible for the free coaching, you need to be on the discord and stay on even after securing a slot. This is so I can avoid it losing track of people or not knowing their discord Id for messaging.

Note: if you are unable to get a coaching session or if you would like to do one outside of Wednesday or Saturday, I also do paid coaching for $18 per session(roughly an hour). Paid sessions have a few extra benefits vs free sessions as well.

Please write down any questions if you guys have any. I'm here to help 😀




Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/m8j2o5/hey_guys_im_a_top_200_player_that_wants_to_help/

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