Hey Odyssey? 2005 called, it wants its crappy generic ground combat game back.

So this is unbelievable. I just did some conflict zones, this is the most hot trash I've seen in years. First off, only a slider for sensitivity? Practically every serious game in the world now has an actual value for sensitivity so you can adjust it appropriately.

Then you start me out with just a pistol? And the round takes like half an hour? And I can't pick up any other gun? Yeah, that's super exciting. Super duper exciting.

Oh and I particularly like the performance. I have an i7-8700k with 64G of DDR4 3333 RAM and a 1080ti going into a 2K monitor. I run Rainbow Six at 144 frames, Apex at 144, Warzone at 144, and I run this hot trash at 35. THIRTY FIVE FRAMES PER SECOND.


I run ARMA better than that and it's the worst optimised game in the history of shooters.

This game feels like a console ripoff of HALO 2, at BEST. It's like I'm playing in mud.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/onojpa/hey_odyssey_2005_called_it_wants_its_crappy/

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