Hideout/Economy Nerfs

Hear me out.

I believe the reason that BSG has made the changes to the solar farm, Bitcoin farm, etc later in the wipe is because they have data leading them to believe that the vast majority of players are not maxed yet. That is not some sort of eye opening conclusion, but it is important.

The people who were maxed out within a couple of weeks will dominate the game and other players no matter what happens. They blew the doors off people on day 1 with AK74u’s, and they are doing it now with HKs. So whether or not you do something to nerf the current state of their hideouts and income generation, they will still keep dominating. They will still keep killing people at high tier loot locations.

But I think this subreddit has convinced itself that the threat of juiced up Chads is bigger than it is. Just because you see someone running an M4 does not make them an ultra Chad who benefits from unlimited money. They are out there for sure, but I (level 43) consistently encounter players that are low level and under geared.

Nothing BSG does will allow the casual gamers to be able to head to Techlight and have an even money chance against the top tier players.

But what BSG has done is nerf the economic situation for the vast majority of players. The mega Chads are gonna Chad regardless, so why bother trying to nerf their experience?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/loimhr/hideouteconomy_nerfs/

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