High levels of toxicity in custom games?

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Haven't touched DotA 2 in a long while but recently decided to jump back in to play some random custom games in the arcade and man…the amount of people who heavily insult each other, rage, abandon because they're mad etc. seems so high…especially on the various cooperative modes.


What's wrong with these people? These are modes that are meant to be fun timewasters, I don't get it. As soon as someone makes 1 mistake (or simply doesn't play exactly how they want them to play) you can either hear some angry guy on the mic screaming or the chat gets filled with bile.

Is this the norm nowadays? I'm sure there are some modes that are more prone to toxicity (see Overthrow), but it seems to be much more frequent in cooperative "tower-defense-like" modes…which is so weird.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qko7e3/high_levels_of_toxicity_in_custom_games/

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