High-tier gear needs reduced spawn rates!

So earlier Today I made a post detailing my gripes with how the flea market totally changes how the game is played. After unlocking the flea the player gets access to meta weapons, attachments, ammo, and armor. It turns the game into call of duty for some people, while lower level players have to cower in the push as their lowly pst gzh isnt going through that armor any day soon.

I wrote a post about how the flea is ruining the game but after reading some comments I realized the flea only highlights the problem. The thing is the flea market isnt the issue, it is the (relatively)high spawn rate of meta gear. If you think about it the game takes place a decent amount of time after Tarkov collapses. Not only does slicks being able to spawn any time make no sense in-game, lore wise slicks would be almost used up. IIRC there have already been a few wars in Tarkov before the current setting. I shouldn't be able to find a slick in a gym bag as it would have been a prized possession. Meta gear would have either been shredded into uselessness or kept under lock and key.

The flea market just highlights how much meta gear we have, I can see us having a ton of SKSs lying around and some older surplus ammo, but it simply doesn't make sense for the game either. We literally need to wipe because it isnt Tarkov anymore it is people playing CoD with no recoil and one tapping people through armor.

TLDR: We have a ton of meta gear in Tarkov, a place that shouldn't have much left. At the end of wipe we have so much meta gear that it turns into CoD at dorms.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oj3avc/hightier_gear_needs_reduced_spawn_rates/

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