Hit the Road 2021 … be like!

I've made a new account 10 days ago and what I've already experienced in the lower zones is just beyond my belief.

I had already a very bad feeling when this Hit the Road started. 2 guys who were obviously friends of each other were just standing on the truck 'doing the flush' and nothing more. Those guys spend 20 minutes in the game sabotaging every side mission in this game. Even when we reach the radio station they were breaking all the traps that I put up and editing the walls around the truck into arches. It was actually so sad to see that 2 guys spend 20 minutes ruining other peoples games. Beyond sad and thinking they are superior because they have 'OG' emote.

The Cloak was fine and doing his best but man, I still can't believe that people spend 20 minutes doing this …


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/p2j5ce/hit_the_road_2021_be_like/

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