Holy Jesus, now re-logging or supercruising away from a POI permanently empties the instance of loot or data

As per title.

It's not like I support re-logging as a form of gameplay.


At least it made the gruelling, brutal, pointless, uninteresting, mind-numbingly dull process of gathering materials to upgrade suits and weapons somehow bearable.

I mean, If I needed, say, manufacturing Instructions, I knew I could just land on an Impact Site, relog a bunch of times and I was done.

Now if you relog, everything is empty.

Not only that, for the whole night EVERY SINGLE SITE in the same system was empty for me.

So basically now it will literally take months to upgrade a weapon, as the only way to get something really rare- for example Spectral Analysis Data – is to run a mission and hope some data port has it, or land on a site and pray.

Again, it's not like I find relogging two dozen times in a row particularly engaging, but at least I ended an evening with the feeling that I had achieved something (i.e. I found what I was looking for).

So, basically that is now gone, without being replaced by a rebalancing of the mats drop rates, or how many you need to upgrade or something like that.

It seems like the message is "you thought you could make the grind a bit shorter? NOT ON MY WATCH MOTHERFUCKER".

Oh well.

Edit: Seriously, all my ships are fully engineered, all of them.

It never ever took this much time to find the materials to do it. Odyssey has been out three months and I'm not halfway done even with unlocking the engineers.

How is this amount of grind considered even remotely acceptable in the eyes of a game designer?

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