Honest question: What the hell happen with the community in Among us? why are people assuming every single player is cheating with no proof?

I stop playing for a few months, to be honest, I got bored, came back today, and holy crap what happen when I was gone?

I was getting a ban for no reason from multiple rooms (I was civil so I have no idea why) and eventually ban for "cheating" (I was not cheating lmao). Then someone flat out accuses me of cheating with no evidence again. I have no idea what triggers them the imposter just wanted to know why we won and I said probably because we complete tasks and this nutbar start accusing after. Has cheating literally ruin the game where now if you have common sense or don't have mob mentality you get the label as a "cheater"? It seems a few months ago among us was more decent (the players there were some toxic players but not as much as I saw from today alone).





Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/l0ddpq/honest_question_what_the_hell_happen_with_the/

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