Honest question, why isn’t melee a legitimate strategy?

I'm low level (rarely get time to play) so I only just realised how little damage melee weapons do. I honestly don't understand why they would do this, seems like it eliminates a whole lot of engagement tactics/rewards dumb pushes/creates a strange dynamic where melee is rarely used.

I think it'd be a lot more interesting if when (through skill obviously, you'd have to play stealthily or use movement skill or both) you got close enough to someone to use melee, it was actually effective. Armour should probably stop most melee except for heavier weapons like hatchets (depending on hit location), but I think if I manage to get close enough to shiv someone in the neck I should be rewarded for that – as I would be in real life. Would open up new playstyles and make PMCs more scared to thunderfoot around which I think is pretty commonly accepted as a Good Thing™️

any chads wanna tell me why I'm an idiot? like I said I'm new and I'm definitely open to discussion on this.

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