HoneyMoon Period

Now that the honey moon patch time is over, i feel its the job of the community to exercise their opinion about current meta and game play functions. I have some gripes about the current game play and this is completely my opinion and in no way will it affect how much I play the game.

1.) The Vepr Hunter Rifle: The vepr hunter is extremely deadly, and i mean extremely. The rifle can be found on scavs, with over 4 full mags, with an already overwhelmingly strong caliber, the vepr hunting rifle is a good early game gun, but ruins the ability for other guns to be given an opportunity. A 1 shot body shot or an instant limb blackened is a mechanic that in early game with the addition to healing after raid can be detrimental to beginner players med count and economy.

2.) The Scavengers: The current scav AI is unlike any scav a veteran player like myself has seen, with the addition of raiders with the introduction to labs, we got a full frontal assault of military trained AI with enhances features such as better aim, gun mechanics and so on. The current AI Scav is as deadly as the raiders we find on Labs, with the only difference being no full auto and less equipped. The current tuning of the AI is relentless, with body tracking and head tracking and precision grenade ability.

3.) LABS: Labs is a crucial part to the economy in the last 2 patches of EFT, with the risk reward being high, but the return chances being monumental. Labs being unlocked so early and key cards being accessed a week before the patch is out ruins new players or late starting players from enjoying the real post patch gun fighting that makes EFT good. I believe that labs should be locked until a certain date to ensure that all players are at the same page and area, no matter how much they grind (Pestily).

These are just my OPINIONS and are no means shots at the amazing developers at BSG, but just think about your experiences before you down vote or yell at me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dsn92p/honeymoon_period/

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