Hot take for the day; Cheat use by streamers more prevalent than you would expect

This will probably be downvoted heavily by folks not wanting y’all to see this. But there exists MANY free and open source software tools specifically for tarkov and battle eye the anti cheat they use, furthermore some of the BIGGEST tarkov streamers have engineering backgrounds.

IMHO This is a perfect recipe for unethical cheat use in order to boost the quality of their streams and free up valuable cognitive load while being a personality who must entertain viewers:

What I am not saying however is that they use these things 100% of the time, it would be unsustainable. You have to be human or people suspect otherwise, but I do believe there is more at play than most believe.

I’ve been told you have to pay hundreds a month in subscriptions for cheats that work, and that is just categorically untrue. I will not link them but not only is there free cheats for tarkov but there are FREE OPEN SOURCE aim bots that utilize machine learning to have 80+% accuracy which would be top tier skill in tarkov imagine hitting 80% of all your shots with good ammo? God tier right there and due to the tech being used by the cheat you appear very natural to onlookers.

So if I wanted to blow up my twitch channel, I could easily grab some free cheats and some free battle eye bypass exploits test em first on a couple throwaway accounts to make sure the bypass works and then I am Uber Chad and have all that free cognitive overhead to shoot the shit with viewers and be funny. Businesses lie constantly in marketing about how they make their goods and services because they’re allowed to do this as long as their lawyers can make it look like marketing m. Streamers are business people, and the smart ones (not gonna name drop but y’all know the streamers who used to be programmers) would be leveraging their existing skill set me as an engineer in order to optimize growth.

I’m a security researcher and software developer with a little channel that just barely made affiliate and I regularly get no views, but I am also like everyone else; I have some good ones and I have some bad but a lot of times i feel I’m killed by weird shit or all the loot is gone even though I haven’t seen anyone the whole raid (invisibility hacks) so I have to care about my fear sometimes and it makes me less fun when I’m bummed or stressed to lose my last armored rig or good gun and have to do money runs to go pew pew people again…the crazy thing is your average cheater (which there are many) like that are cheating just to feel powerful, in a low risk setting, but streamers are trying to make money and the big ones do, and money makes you actually powerful, streaming amazing performances in hardcore games makes money. That is why I believe streamers cheat, and why there are more “hackers” ie cheaters than we realize cause it’s way easier than you think.


Oh and a lil post note:

Don’t cheat for an advantage in multiplayer games it’s a dick move, and selling free stuff is also a dick move so anyone peddling you paid cheats is to be avoided at all costs.

And a lil post post note

I have a channel I’ve been streaming programming and gaming at for about 4 years and it’s haven’t really streamed since I was sucking so hard, I’m better now but streaming behind an ad wall and the subsequent lack of incentive since I joined the affiliate program has had me slacking. Come flame me for being wrong on my stream sometime if ya want haha


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