Hot take – I got the Courier, and I’m not sure what all the fuss was about.

Sure, it's reasonably fast compared to a lot of ships. It's well armed and well shielded for a ship its size. It's very pretty. But I don't know that it's particularly better than my Viper. It's definitely slower. I'm not completely sure it's more agile than my Chief. I'm hunting in it, and I'm not glued to the tail of a DBX or Cobra like I'd hoped when getting the rank to buy the darn thing. I'm on my way to engineer it, but I'm not feeling the sense of speed and on the rails madness I get from other small fighters, even A-rated.

Part of that is that I'm rusty, but I don't know that all of it is that I suck.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or maybe I just had the idea of the thing in my mind and I'm disappointed that the reality isn't lining up the same way?


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