Hot Take on Tetriz(es)

I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the tetriz nerf and I think people are missing the point when they do complain. For one, the tetriz is basically an old game boy or some other portable game player. Is that really worth what equates to real world 10,524 US dollars? In the middle of a humanitarian crisis? No, it isn’t. I’m not even sure how you could justify that, even with mechanic being an eccentric guy, it doesn’t make sense in anyway. So now they make the trade more realistic, (something people demand the game be) while also making another item more valuable. I think that Everyone ranting about it is upset with the fact that they can’t run naked interchange anymore and still make money, and that’s their problem with the change. You can’t make 800,000+ roubles anymore without risking anything but a couple minutes of your time anymore, and that’s got them pissed. I see where people are coming from with ideas aimed at the Bitcoin farm and the price of Bitcoin itself, but if Bitcoin goes down in price guess what? SO DO TETRIZ! This change was about combating the ghost town that is interchange most raids, where either you run into M993/M61 hunter man with his wtrig and ssh trying to farm killa, or a hatchet runner/pistol boy rushing tech rooms then extracting or dying. I personally don’t mind the change. Yeah it kinda sucked at first when I finally got around to playing interchange for some pvp, checking tech light and finding a tetriz only to get out of raid to see the change. However; I’d rather shoot more players with a kit than run into a naked on interchange praying i don’t have anything more than a melee weapon before he can get his Bitcoin up his ass, because if you think about it, that’s all the tetriz was, a Bitcoin. I’m not saying the Bitcoin farm/Bitcoin in general isn’t overpowered or anything of the sort, what I’m saying is the tetriz barter change isn’t trying to fix a “symptom” of Bitcoin, it’s trying to make interchange an actually interesting map to run with some gear instead of bum rushing two rooms and then leaving. The game is supposed to have a dynamic market anyway! What if mechanic finally wised up to the fact that every time he trades someone a Bitcoin for 1 single tetriz, he’s throwing away over $6,500 dollars.


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