Hot take: We decided thargoid relations years ago, but it didn’t have to be war

Before/shortly after Thargoids arrived, Frontier said that how the players interacted with them at First Contact would determine the arc of the story.


As well, there was a Thargoid Imprint count that would increase when you fed them meta alloys, and when you interacted with panels in crashed motherships/thargoid surface site.

  After AXI got popular and the novelty of feeding them for no apparent reward besides happy reactions died off, development moved on, the stat disappeared, and the rate of station destruction increased significantly.

According to wild speculation, since we killed them far more often than we helped them, we blew our chance for a positive relationship.



It's hard to to tell how attention Frontier pays to community banter, but it's still possible to feed thargs alloys. Could enough interest in pro-xeno activity and talk in the community get their attention, or is that a dead story branch?

I'd totally join a pro-xeno-relations initiative; I can't be the only Vanu Sovereignty vet.


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