Hot Take: Wipes Suck! (But they also don’t), and the Bright Future of EFT

TL;DR I can't wait for wipe servers and persistent servers Nikita has stated will be a thing to be implemented.

Before we get into this, no one is interested in people commenting "Change your mindest," or "Change your playstyle," or "Change your approach to the game," or "Get good," etc. Almost everyone thinks your obnoxious, and the ones that don't also post those comments.

Almost a year ago I made a post Hardcore vs Casual, basically arguing we can have both audiences and make them both happy by having Persistent servers and Wipe servers (or seasonal) with leaderboards in game. Recently, Nikita basically just confirmed that was going to be implemented, the top comment on the post also stated as much but with these things we can never be too careful. I cannot wait for this change to be implemented.

Currently, I'm suffering from an absurd amount of burnout with EFT. Not from playing raids and having fun, mind you, just the obligation of doing tasks and leveling up. Its just the same crap over and over and over again, and at the end of the wipe all that progress is just gone. There's a lot of things I want to do in Tarkov but nothing I'm going to want to do twice soooo I just don't bother playing. I really want to grind this game and just max EVERYTHING out, all my skills all the tasks literally everything. This is a game I really want to complete, but that takes an inordinate amount of time, of which I do not have an infinite amount, and I know before I even get close the game will wipe. So. I find myself playing less and less as my interest wanes. Its not that I don't want to play, but what I want to play both exists and does not exist simultaneously in a frustrating perpetuity of wiping progress over and over to keep the game feeling "fresh" instead of just implementing mechanics that would do that by itself.

And simultaneously I also enjoy the beginning of wipes, you know the first like 2-3 weeks. The game plays a bit differently than late wipe, ish, in that if I get Class 6 armor there is a theoretical world where it stops a bunch of bullets and I don't just get head-eyes. Of course, we could just talk about how everything deals too much damage versus fictional armor in the late wipe and fix that, but whatever. (Also just as a quick aside of something cool, did you know there's Class 4 armor that's rated to stop a round of M61 at 100 yards? Nuts right?)

Basically, I just want my cake and I want another cake and I want to eat them both as I choose. Two, delicious moist cakes. I want to be able to get hyped for wipes without knowing that the game I'm currently still enjoying is going to go away and I'll have to grind back up. I want to be able to complete Tarkov and stand back and go "look what I did" for time immemoriam (or until the servers shut down). Its just lamentable we're currently in this phase and I'm excited for the future, it just needs to hurry up and get here.


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