I am finally deciding to purchase a hotas but don't really know which one I should pick? I have three main choices right now and they are Thrust master 1600m fcs (47€), t.flight x (40€) and t.flight x with throttle (60€) I looked at a couple reviews and it seems that the 1600m is the best and also it's right now only 47€ but I have seen some reviews saying it has problems and thrustmaster not helping. Then I have the t.flight x i heard they both are good and durable but since the throttle version is costs more than the 1600m I'm not sure if I should pick that one. Also the t.flight x without throttle seems good but some people say it feels bad and is not good. So which one should I pick. Are there any others for under 60€. I'm going to use it with Elite Dangerous and Star Wars Squadrons mainly. I really don't care about the button amount since they all have about the same amount and I don't play in VR most of the time so I can still see my keyboard.


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