How bad are lasers against hull? — are these resistances

So here are some default armor resistances on a stock Anaconda …

… which illustrate the expected higher resistance to thermal weapons, and lower resistance to explosive and kinetic.

… I am considering using a fully engineered Anaconda as a bounty farming ship — it has the needed hardpoints for the shield removing weapons I want to fit, room for enough mat collectors, and a big enough distributor to pump out the DPS.

But when it comes to the hull-eating weapons, one size 4 and 3 size 3 multi-cannons fully engineered and overcharges push out 104 DPS, when one is fit with corrosive. Assuming the 25% buff to damage from corrosive, that’s like 126 DPS, plus (of the above resistance is typical, another 17% buff, for kinetic, or 147 DPS actual.

Fitting with burst and beams gives abou 95 raw DPS, or about 93 after the thermal penalty is taken.

But the laser damage has infinite ammo. Yes, the laser damage on the hull is 63% (93/147) of the multi-cannon damage, but it can go on forever.

… the only limit on the bounty hunting is when the limpets run out, if you still want the mats.

I swear though, laser hull damage against med and small ships is still enough to pop them. It might take longer to use lasers on an Anaconda, but hit scan weapons seem quite effective relative to zooming pieces of lead, against faster ships.

Is the above a reasonable way to look at the DPS from lasers vs multi-cannons, or am I missing a wrinkle?

Thanks for any insight.



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