How best to help my teammate/squad

Hello all,

First post. I’ve seen a lot of good advice and discussion surrounding tactics and teamwork on this sub, and came to ask about how to address a particular recurring squad mates play style… we’ll call him Andy.

Andy is a great guy, and in the top half of my friend group in terms of raw gun skill (plays cs/other tactical shooters quite well) Andy started playing tarkov a month before me, and we’ve both been playing for about 3-4 months, and wr normally play in a 3-4 stack.

I’ve noticed that Andy still hasn’t quite gotten over the sometimes crippling fear one can experience playing tarkov, both the getting shot at fear, and gear fear as well. When a gunfight breaks out, he will immediately toss out “where are they?! How many?! Are you dead?!” before any of us have really had time to process the situation/sprint to cover. This results in him playing very passively, usually resulting in us either winning the gunfight with little involvement from Andy or we die and Andy frantically requests we watch his steam and guide him out/provide advice.

Many times, Andy makes it out with a boatload of loot from our bodies as well as whatever piece of the opposing teams we’ve taken out prior to dying if things didn’t go well. This makes me genuinely happy since he is in need of loot, but part of me feels that this is only cementing a play style that is detrimental to the squad and his own enjoyment of the game.

Has anyone else had an experience similar to this? Am I overthinking this? Would be interested to hear feedback and shared experiences! Thanks friends.


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