How can these boring Metas be fixed?

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Everyone seems to agree this meta is pretty bland, but even before this it seems like such a reoccurring theme. Of course there is nothing wrong with meta decks or netdecking, not everyone has to homebrew. The problem is that the meta decks that are in anyway playable consist of only 3 / 4 decks. I don't think it's usually this bad right?

It's got me wondering. How can this be fixed? If we were CD Project and we said "Alright let's fix this boring meta" what would be the way to do it so it doesn't happen again? Because I feel as though the game is designing itself in a way to where only a few boring Metas will form naturally on their own.

Honestly I can't believe how important drawing cards has become. Its always been important but not nessecary. But now it feels like if I don't draw the right cards to answer people's deck round 1 I lose.



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