How can we remove the magical knowledge of “knowing you are first” to an area

So one of my biggest gripes is the way spawns and loot work and result in basically a brain-dead rush towards major loot locations

Often times, followed up my using the middle-map extracts to simply leave before anyone can effectively challenge that person for said loot, unless they also brain-dead sprint

Contributing factors to this are

– Fixed player spawns (you "know" where everyone is at start of Raid, so if you have the best spawn to a location you KNOW you wont be challenged for that loot, at least initially)

– Fixed SCAV spawns (Similarly, since you know where SCAV's spawn, you can KNOW that there is no possible threat between you and the loot closest to you

– Predictable loot (Dynamic loot is planned, but this refers to how all the critical loot spots are "fixed" so you always have X spot to get to for loot. In addition, since the location of loot, WITHIN a location is fairly fixed, there is no "searching an area" for loot, you can just beeline to the box/spot for the critical items, and be out in under 10 seconds)

To discourage loot-rushing, there needs to be uncertainty

Uncertainty about threats, both player and SCAV

Uncertainty about location

All so that a player is expected to move cautiously, and actually search/examine his surroundings


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