How common is radar?

How prominent is radar/ESP?

Really wide flanks usually work, complete rotations; taking fights in a completely different approach after first contact. But the last game. We were being sniped, knew the general direction through the bullet's trajectory. I rotated completely wide. And immediately got shot again. Rotated again, I decided to sit back at a distance and wait at my buddy's body. And got shot again, dying this time. He also couldn't have had an angle on me while rotating due to how wide I went.

This doesn't usually happen, but would that be radar? Or he must be really proficient at anticipating player behavior. (Took place on woods, wasn't sniper's rock, it was far too foggy.)

I'd imagine radar is really hard to detect, contrary to aimbot or speed hacking.

I'm not accusing him of hacking if it was legit fair play to him. It got me thinking if someone was using Radar, could you really know for certain?

This isn't a rant, I want to see if others have had similar experiences.


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