How Did Midone stocks fall so fast ?

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This guy isnt old so its not like mechanical ability is falling off.

Is it just a playstyle thing which he has failed to adapt to similar to Black on VG being in his prime then after being kicked became just another pub stomper.

I never really followed him closely in secret, but when was in the team I never saw any hatte/blame being thrown towards him the same level Ace received.I dont even look at his time at OG as that was just a weird siutation for everyone involved so I feel its unfair to evalutate a player on that when we dont know the inside problems but at least with secret we have alot of data to make an opinion.

Does he just simply want to play in SEA only ? if thats the case why not go to fnatic or does he a personality clash or just want to go full EE and captain a team and win TI on his own terms ?

Anyone with insight I would love to know more.


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