How do I do anything on Reserve

I am stupid close to kappa, and have by far and away been doing better than ever PvP and quest wise this wipe. I’ve also had the most fun this wipe. I’m loving it. Until now.

I’m probably 30 some raids into reserve trying to kill Glukhar since I got Eraser, and I’ve literally had one single chance at him but his last guard killed me as I started shooting at Glukhar. All the other raids I’ve either found him dead already or not at all. Probably all but a few have been deaths to PMCs. I literally cannot survive this map to save my life. I already have shooter done but that’s an entirely different play style, I just camped for my reserve kills.

So far my strat has been just systematically clearing all Glukhar spawns, closest to furthest and moving along through the map. But I literally constantly die to players. I don’t struggle like this on any other map. Reserve feels like it has no flow to it. I know the spawns, I’m constantly trying to think of where others are. Yet all I do is get caught out, and at this point I’m literally so frustrated with the map that any time I actually get a heads up fight I just whiff it because I’m so frustrated that I can’t get anything done.

This is just venting mainly after pouring so many hours and millions of roubles into sub 4 minute raids on this map, but I guess if anyone’s had a similar experience I’m open to any help. Rant over 🙃


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