How do people enjoy this game?

Now to the mod who's reading this with their finger above the remove button let me make this very clear, this isn't just some rage post from another scav who lost some good stuff and is pissed, this is a genuine question which I'm asking the community.

I recently started playing this game, I've had it for almost a week now and I find my experience has been deteriorating more and more. At first I was having a grand old time, going on scav runs, looting (what I thought was) good gear and generally just enjoying the loop. Then I decided to do a couple pmc runs with all of the gear I'd collected and….I have not made it back from even a single run. Now I'm not claiming I'm the greatest fps player of all time, I can hold my own but in this it's nothing but death after death.

What is the point of helmets if they don't protect you whatsoever? Every death I've had so far has been a headshot %90 percent of the time. From my own experience there are no real firefights in this game, two people spot each other, one person spots them a little earlier, headshots ensue and then all of your best, most expensive loot is gone. What is the point of ever wasting all your money on high level gear when some scav with a half broken gun can just hide in a doorway and one shot you no matter what? There's barely any skill involved with aiming in this game, it's just cod except when you die from your thirteenth instant headshot from a person you never even saw you have to loose all of your stuff and sit in a menu for another ten minutes (if the servers are even working properly).

The loop is painful, I never find myself wanting to do anything beside scav runs because going in as a pmc is basically just pissing all your money down the drain, no amount of skill or gear can counter some guy laying prone in the grass with a scope. I feel something needs to he done to counter this headshot meta, because at this point I can't see how anyone is having fun in a game where almost every death is just a black screen out of nowhere after walking around for five minutes.


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