How do you deal with new users trying to casual-ize Tarkov?

I was in a streamers chat where they were arguing they need to make scav timer cooldown way shorter for "new players" to make it more welcoming.

I tried articulating (in chat) that it would not benefit new players how they think and actually benefit veterans to grind past starting levels faster while the new players LACKING game knowledge will still be behind. This way vets grind scavs for risk free loot and unlock market and blast quests FASTER.

It was impossible to get it across in chat that the issue they are having is simply lacking experience and not a fundamental game flaw. They kept claiming gate keeping elitism, and me being stupid. I would say maybe a longer raid as a scav might help them grip the game better but they kept arguing people "gate keep" tarkov while we want a Dark Souls of FPS like experience and they just want to make it more casual without having the understanding of the game yet to even understand HOW it makes it more casual. I was just called stupid and an elitist because they could not comprehend how backwards their "solution" was.

HOW do you approach new players to the game who have not even grasped the main concepts yet trying to suggest change?

It is like someone wanting a simpler AK spray pattern in CS to make it "easier for new players" instead of grinding like everyone else. Or make a boss lose max HP in dark souls after failing several times.

Am I unreasonable here? Just feels like new players need to adapt like EVERYONE else who is now good at the game did. Put in the hours and figured it out.


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