How do you guys find a “home” station? to settle in?

Edit : After your appreciated advice, my choice is made on Shinrarta Dezhra i'm not far away from elite rank in combat and it gives me another goal and line to prevent spreading around too much πŸ˜€ Thanks guys!


Now that money income isn't an issue anymore i will embark on my journey to unlock and grind engineer.

But i do have a question : How do you arrange everythings? For exemple, my money income is in Robigo, but i can't dock my ship there, i have to dock it on the opposite side of the system.So i sold every modules i had on it, made 50 LY jump to Ceos to buy a fuel scoop, made another 400 LY jump to fit entirely the ship for my engineering trip, wich gonna take me i don't know where. But what i know is i will have to do the same shit again to get back, sell everythings, strip the ship, increase jump range, find a station that sell every modules i need inside the fuel area.

Right now i'm still new to the game so i have a lot of works to do, but where do you live and what have you done to have everythings comfortable in a "close" range, or "home" station? I mean, Money income – Engineering – Thargoid things(for very end game purpose) – Mining etc. Do i have to make an ASPX with 60 LY jump radius every 300LY to create a sorte of taxi link all around? My python cost 170Million wich is a peanuts compare to what i'm going for, i can't imagine selling module everytimes and bought them back for every times i wanna change my activity, aswell as i don't imagine myself buying a fully A rated anaconda for 600-700Million, engineer the hell out of it, and do it 5 times to be sure to have one for every side of the game? Could make that 5 Billion in a week of nolifing robigo, money isnt the issue, its just sounds so unconfortable to me, it took me an entire day to unlock felicity farseer and G5+Mass managing my FSD, and i'm not a slow person, all the opposite i hate wasting my times, but doing it for every each module of 5 different ship? Is that what is waiting for me? Tell me i'm an idiot and you guys know a good place to manage everythings πŸ˜€

Also whats the " bubble " you all mentionning?

Thanks guys! ( I love the game and do not mind the grind, if i sound angry or anythings, its because i'm not a native english speaker, don't take it wrong please)


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