How do you guys maintain constant focus on your choices in games?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

I notice sometimes I'll lose focus on what I'm doing in games. I'll watch pro matches and understand what they are doing right and even watch my own and see all the mistakes I make. But for some reason I struggle to implement the things I learn from the matches I watch. Is there any way to get better at this? I have around 3500 hours in the game but play like a archon 1. I mostly goofed off with friends but recently decided I'd like to be better in the game.

With shooter games, I feel as though it's quite a bit easier to get better as there are resources like aim trainers that can focus on a particular areas where you may be lacking. In dota, this is not nearly as easy. Last hits, stacking, and things a such a generally not a problem, it's those highly intense team fights that are hard to replicate and improve in as you need to play games to improve in those areas. Watching is one thing but being in the situation is something else entirely. Does any one have any resources they use to focus on particular elements in the game they feel like they lack in?


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