How do you overcome a dependance on sound?

In tarkov, Im a rat. A slow player who likes to sneak and lay traps and baits. However Ive been trying to do more active and direct pvp, only to find the reason why I became a rat in the first place… I almost always lose.

I have recently noticed that I am heavily reliant on audio in tarkov to tell me where enemies are, what they are doing and if they are aware of me. The problem happens when that sound stops..

I no longer know what to do. I no longer know where my enemy is, what they are doing. Are they waiting for me? Or just camping something else? Are they sneaking?

The most prominent area I face this issue is in Dorms. Once the sound dies down I no longer know what to do. I cant walk around looking for the enemies cause I dont know where to look.
So thats my problem. I am too reliant on sound, which makes me very reactive and not proactive in combat.. how do I overcome this? Just zergrush and hope for the best?

Please help
Sincerely, a Rat trying to improve


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